Our top Apps for 2020

by Allan McAvoy

Our top Apps for 2020

Its hard to run a business in 2020 but thankfully there is a some great tools out there that can help.

Below  are just a few of the apps, that we use to say organised and streamline our processes, leading us to be more efficient and productive with our time. All the tools below have been hand picked by us and that we use frequently within our business.

Notion - www.notion.so

One of our biggest changes to date is the introduction of Notion. An all-in-one workspace for note-taking, project management and task management. Notion is light, fast, and distraction-free. The interface fades away the moment you start typing, leaving you alone with your work.


        Tide - www.tide.co

          Tide is a business banking solution that has been designed for modern, tech-savvy business owners. Tide was able to give us everything the more traditional larger banks had to offer us. One of the first things that appealed do us when we where starting out was the easy of setting up and account you can be up and running with an account number and sort code in just under 5 Minutes. There are no monthly fees with a Tide account and there fee structure is basic and easy to understand.

          Tide banking web app1

            Mail Chimp - www.mailchimp.com

              MailChimp is a terrific tool for anyone who is trying to implement email marketing into their business. It’s a tool that is easy to pick up and learn, and its pricing is ideal for almost any business. Their generous free plan allows you to send 10,000 emails and collect up to 2,000 subscribers. It offers great integration with most popular software and applications. Its analytics are detailed in such a way that make them easy to understand.

              Mailchimp designer

               Buffer - www.buffer.com

              Buffer is a powerful app that give us a way to help manage our accounts on social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. It also allows us to analyse our results and engage with our community easily. Put simply its a stripped down version of an all in one social media management tool like Hootsuite as it mainly focuses on post scheduling and content creation. That’s why we love it.

              Buffer social media

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