But i have a Facebook Page?

by Allan McAvoy

But i have a Facebook Page?

So, its 2020 and social media platforms are more popular than ever. From Facebook and Instagram to SnapChat and TikTok, small businesses obese over social media metrics, likes and follows.

A scary quote that we hear all too often is “I have a Facebook page so why would I need a website?”

To break it down to its most basic level platforms like Facebook are more like “online word of mouth” forms of advertising that allow friends to endorse and share businesses to their followers or friends list. This is great if those followers are interested in your product or service, but usually they have just logged on to social media to see pictures of their friends’ new cat or what big Dave is up to in Malta. They are not in that buyers’ frame of mind, now this doesn’t mean that we can’t change or influence that. Just like those impulse buys at the petrol station checkout, but that’s a blog post for another day.

Even when we pay for post boasts of ads on social media we are casting a wide net over its demographic in the hope to get a catch.

A website allows your business to communicate effectively with customers and deliver products and services to more people organically. These are people who are genuinely or actively looking for your product or service. When potential customers go online to search or buy a product or service often their first stop is a search engine like Google or Bing not Facebook or Instagram.

So, unless your happy allowing your competitors to clean up on the search results you need a website to be in with a chance of converting these leads into customers. Without one many people might not even know that your business exists, because don’t forget not everyone uses social media.

All that being said social media is a fantastic form of advertising, but at its core it should point people off the platform and onto your website. This is where you can have more control over your brand, metrics and customer behaviours.

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