A closer look at who we are

by Allan McAvoy

A closer look at who we are

We are Tribe a brand new two man studio Based in Bangor just 20 minutes from Belfast, Northern Ireland. We rent our space from Boom! Studios which is a crafted,  social enterprise that provides vibrant workspace and head-space for the local creative industry. Northern Ireland is home to a wide range of creative arts and industries. From first-rate film and television productions, such as Game of Thrones and The Fall, to the thriving games industry - the creative sectors play a big role in the economic development and growth of Northern Ireland and we hope to add to that.

Our name Tribe comes from our ethos of creating a connection with our clients. We don't believe our service stops after we get paid. We are committed to maintaining a long lasting relationships with all of our clients, our distinctive sign does a good job of reminding us of this each time we step into our office.  Our weapon of choice is our “dongleful” 2019 15” MacBook Pros. They give us the flexibility to go to our local coffee shop work remotely or take with us when presenting to clients .

We spend most of our time designing websites and applications in Adobe XD and then Coding them in Visual Studio Code. We approach projects in a simple, structured, straightforward and down-to-earth way.

Once a year we hope to partner up with a client to create something really special. This partnership is the merger of a fantastic idea and our passion to help others grow their idea.  It's important to us as a team to feel that the work we do has a positive impact.

Our lead designer Chris runs solely on a blend of high quality coffee and is always on the hunt for new and distinctive blends and flavours. Our office houses a relatively large collection of books on a wide variety of topic such as brand design, web development and even some motivation ones such as Gary Vee’s “Crushing It”.
On Friday afternoons we like to wind down and enjoy a Guinness and talk about anything from our favourite tv shows to how our football teams are doing (usually terribly).

We really are your typical geeks, we love sci-fi films and cult classics such as Back To The Future. We also have a keen interest in technology, gadgets, photography, video and love to stay up to date with latest web technologies and design trends.

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