Do i need a website?

by Allan McAvoy

Do i  need a website?

In short to this simple question the answer is no. Now this may sound strange coming from us, after all we make are living by building websites and online experiences. But its true. Many business tick by every day with little or even no online presence, doing just fine.

Although when you start to look a litter deeper into why so many businesses invest in a website its clear to see why. As they can really help drive a business forward in terms of revue, success and image.

Websites offer some great benefits right out of the box they often:

  • Help relay the “Vibe or ethos” of a company and their products or services
  • Help customers find your general business information such as location or contact details.
  • Help boast sales by allowing customers 24/7 access to information about your products and/or services.
    Act as a focal point for other marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Help to establish brand value proposition and it can convey professionalism.
  • Extends your reach to anyone in the world.

Website also offer some less obvious benefits to your business like cost savings. As weather your talking phone calls on the phone, bouncing emails back and forth or sending out proposals – interacting with potential and existing customers takes time. In a lot of cases a website can save you time by offering up some answers to common customer questions and inquiries. Thus allowing you get on with the valuable things in your business.

So to recap, yes its true your business doesn’t need to have a website, but the truth is without one it will let competitors gain a clear advantage when accruing new customers and holding onto existing ones. A good way to look at it is a website is like the modern day business card.

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