Why we use Adobe XD

by Tribe Creative

Why we use Adobe XD

From humble beginnings to final deployment the development of a web application for a client will progress through a number of stages. Perhaps the most critical of these is prototyping. 

This is where we mock-up our designs and have the opportunity to present our ideas to the client and work with them to fine tune the results before any lines of code are written.

Traditionally we would have used Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for this purpose, however these tools were never intended to fulfil this role and often just ended up slowing down the development process.

Now with Adobe XD we have found the perfect platform for our prototyping needs, and we have adopted it into our workflow.

Adobe have gone to great lengths to make XD feel as if it is really is part of the Adobe family. Taking features from both Photoshop and Illustrator they have created a tool with all the power but without all the extra bulky features that are only get in the way.

Using an innovative art-board system, it is possible to create designs for multiple platforms (web/mobile) in one project and link them together to make an interactive experience for the client to get a feel of the end result.

We can then share these designs with the client via link so that they can comment and review remotely providing feedback directly to the team.

Learn more about Adobe XD and what it can do. https://adobe.ly/2VZLVYq

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